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Camp Trinity Facilities

Dorms and Indoor Spaces

Campers stay in dormitories located on Bogue Sound. The four dormitories (dorm floorplan) are each divided into two cabins, and each cabin houses 11 people (ten campers and one Camp Trinity counselor). Each cabin counselor is at least 18 years old. Counselors are chosen for their character and experience with children. Also, cabins have a bathroom with private showers and toilets. Each dormitory is made more comfortable by air conditioning and heat.

Many different waterfronts are available to Camp Trinity campers. Sailing, canoeing and marshing take place at the Sound. Swimming lessons, free swim and water carnival events happen around the pool. Swimming, sand castle building, games, and beach walks occur at the beach. Other program facilities include a covered recreation building, an outdoor recreation field, a challenge course, a Youth Assembly building and a Pavilion on the ocean side.

Sanders Point is an outdoor Chapel overlooking the marsh waters of Bogue Sound. Many worship services are held at the chapel.


A carefully planned, well-balanced menu, including evening snacks, will be provided by an experienced food service staff. Trinity provides healthy, home-cooked meals served family-style with fresh fruits and salads daily. Any special dietary needs (diabetes, religious restrictions, vegetarians, food allergies, etc.) can be accommodated with advanced notice.

Health and Safety

If there is any type of emergency during the day, all of our staff members are trained in Basic First Aid and CPR. Camp Trinity also has a residential Nurse who is available to the children and staff members 24/7.

American Camp Association With the Rescue Squads in Salter Path and Pine Knoll Shores both less than 3 miles from Trinity Center, the average response time (over the last 6 years) after the initial call has been approximately five minutes. The local squads are very familiar with the property and conduct some of their training here. Carteret General Hospital is less than 12 miles from Trinity Center.

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