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Road Scholar Program Overview

Many of our programs focus on local culture and history (1600-present day) or the ecology and biodiversity within a barrier island ecosystem. Biology, ecology, hurricane studies, birding, photography, coastal music, national parks and water quality are just a few topics we cover during these short and week long sessions. Some courses focus on one theme, others feature three course topics for a bit of variety. Each session includes hands-on exploration, on and off-site field trips, and lectures.

What to Bring

Appropriate apparel: The daytime average temperatures will range in the 65-85 degree mark with humidity levels reaching 60 percent or more. Be prepared for anything though, it can get much cooler or warmer depending on the season. Rain gear is always highly suggested. We have no need to dress up for any occasion, so leave your formal wear at home.

Wet shoes: Some programs at Trinity Center offer the opportunity to get your feet wet as part of class. Sneakers, aqua-socks or any close-toed shoes that are comfortable are great when exploring the beach and sound environments.

Good walking shoes: A lot of the classes offered at Trinity include walking tours and exploration, so good support on your feet is recommended.

Sunscreen, lip balm, and a hat: These things serve as great protection from the hot sun.

Insect repellent

Camera and binoculars (Great for bird watching)

Beach towels and chairs (And a good book)

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