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CEU Renewal Credits for Teachers

Did you know that teachers may be able to receive CEU Renewal Credits for attending classes with their students at the Sound to Sea Environmental Education Program?! If you attend all the daytime and evening classes at Sound to Sea, you may be able to receive up to 15 contact hours of instruction, and up to 1.5 CEU's. And you were coming anyway!!

We know that Continuing Education Units are important to you as teachers because they allow you to further your professional education and often are criteria for determining re-certification and compensation levels. Currently, regulations in North Carolina and most other states require teachers with permanent certificates to renew their licenses every five years by accumulating semester credits or Continuing Education Units in education-related areas. And you have to do this in all your "extra time." Knowing how busy you are in your classrooms, and your lives, we want to give you this opportunity to gain CEU's while your students are gaining knowledge and experience at Sound to Sea.

Beyond learning new information on topics ranging from the geology of a barrier island to the physiology of a salt marsh snail, by attending all the Sound to Sea classes with your students, you will also have the opportunity to learn new styles of innovative hands-on learning. Environmental education teaches students about the planet, but also incorporates an educational philosophy and related strategies to increase understanding, intellectual development, civic and social responsibility, personal growth, and cross-cultural awareness among young people and adults.

To receive CEU's, just let us know when you arrive that you are interested. Requirements for documentation of CEU's vary from school to school. Some schools may require only notification from us of the number of educational contact hours you have completed. We do have an official form from Sound to Sea for this purpose. Some schools may also require that Sound to Sea submit the request for approval of Continuing Education Units. If this is the case, please obtain the necessary information/paperwork from your school administrators, and send or bring it to us at Sound to Sea.

At Sound to Sea, your students will learn to recognize the ecological communities across a barrier island, and take time to explore their human community. They will learn about the variety of habitats typical of a North Carolina Barrier Island, and develop a sense of independence and responsibility. As a teacher, we know that you are giving your students this experience to help them apply what they have learned in your class in a practical way. But we hope you will also take this opportunity to gain CEU's while enjoying outdoor science classes in a beautiful barrier island setting, learning new hands-on teaching skills and furthering your professional education.
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