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STS Cultural Program Class Descriptions

Sound/Salt Marsh:
Students will focus on human interaction with the various animals and plants in the sound and salt marsh. They will learn about the various methods that early settlers used to catch their dinner. The students will also learn about local fare by collecting animals and plants.

Students will learn about the biology of whales, the largest animal on earth. They will also learn about the sailor's art of Scrimshaw as they learn how the monsters of the deep were caught and used by humans.

Freshwater Pond:
Students will attempt to create and use primitive fishing and hunting tools. They will learn how archaeologists dig near fresh water to learn about their ancestors, and work on a "model" dig.

Maritime Forest:
Students will learn about tracking and primitive dwellings and create a usable shelter out of found materials.

Students will dissect an animal and/or plant to learn about its anatomy and discover the importance each species to early humans and to our continued survival.

Challenge Course:
Students will learn that cooperation, teamwork and creative problem-solving techniques can overcome any physical or mental challenge.
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