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STS Current Events Program Class Descriptions

Sound/Salt Marsh:
Students will focus on water quality and wetlands restoration. By conducting water tests, they will get first hand experience with the scientific method. Their information will be put on the Internet, and used by professional scientists. The students will also study the diversity of wetlands by collecting animals and plants.

Students will learn about beach renourishment or beach fill, dune erosion and the effects these processes have on coastal residents and offshore water quality.

Freshwater Pond:
Students will learn about the importance and rarity of clean, fresh water. They will use animals and plants collected in the pond to create a miniature ecosystem, and discuss sustainable aquaculture.

Maritime Forest:
Students will study the effects of clear cutting and investigate the importance of biodiversity.

Students will dissect a fish to learn about its life cycle and discover how pollution affects fish populations. They will learn why coastal fisheries are in danger.

Challenge Course:
Students will learn that cooperation, teamwork and creative problem-solving techniques can overcome any physical or mental challenge.
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