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Sound to Sea Day Program Options

3-hour Group Challenge Course
Explore your human community with Trinity Center's professionally-designed Group Challenge Course. With trained staff as facilitators, participants discover how to function as a group by employing creative problem-solving techniques. Groups meet unforgettable physical challenges by working together, by depending on each other, and by recognizing each group member's unique contributions. These group-building skills travel back to school to strengthen the classroom, work or group community. The Group Challenge Course promotes interdependence among group members and promotes the idea that any group can become more effective at problem-solving.

3-Hour Environmental Program
Students can explore the sound and salt marsh as they learn about the concept of the nursery of the ocean. They can learn about the adaptations of fish, crabs and various plants that live in the salt marsh. They can also have the opportunity to go to the beach and learn about barrier island formation and movement and that beach erosion is a natural part of that process. They can learn about the adaptations of various animals that live in the subtidal, intertidal and supratidal zones of the beach.

Full-Day (6-Hour) Environmental Program
Students will participate in a Barrier Island Ecology Class. This component introduces students to the barrier island habitats, geological history, basic ecological concepts and general habitat study skills that are reinforced throughout the entire program. Sound to Sea instructors encourage exploration and present various ecological concepts, such as habitats, cycles, communities, populations, species or food webs. Groups then enjoy 3 classes on chosen focus topics. Topics include classes on the Sound/Salt Marsh, Beach/Ocean, Freshwater Pond, Maritime Forest, Dissection or Group Challenge Course.

Multi-Day Programming
This option is a wonderful opportunity for area schools that want to study all the concepts of barrier island ecology and habitats, but live close enough to go home at night. Students will have the opportunity to explore all the barrier island habitats (depending on the length of the multi-day program). Multi-Day Programming is highly flexible and has many variations. Please call for more information if you are interested in this option.
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