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GLOBE Program

(Global Observations and Learning to Benefit the Environment)

Sound to Sea works in conjunction with GLOBE (Global learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) to teach the need for good water quality and how quality of the water (including salinity, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, pH and turbidity) affects the beings that live in it.

With our help in connecting the impact of upland activities to the quality of water in estuarine systems, these students will be more able to understand their own role in protecting the watershed. They will also find out the importance of science and good math to societal issues.

We have been adding data to the GLOBE Internet Database since 1999. Students returning home from our program have been able to access the Internet and realize that they are part of an on going investigation into global change. We also impress on our students the fact that scientists all over the world are using their data to measure global effects of things like deforestation, El Niņo and La Niņa.

Link to GLOBE:
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